Project Info

This project evolved from  simple observation of how people use the London bus network and whether or not it is productively being used. The emphasis being on the social benefits as opposed to the physical.

By strategically placing slogans on London Transport notice boards the idea is to provoke thought and question our daily habits relating to public transport. There is no intention to be offensive, on the contrary, it is hoped that a little humour will be introduced into the day.

Without labouring the obvious benefits of walking, the How many stops? project intends – with a lighthearted approach – to highlight the social advantages of walking. A bus is a suffocating environment with very little stimulation, compared to being out on the streets of London. By  just changing a daily pattern our senses can be bombarded by constantly changing sounds views and social interactions. Who knows – a chance encounter with someone new could change your life, and the irony is that walking is almost certainly quicker than buses on short journeys particularly in rush hour!

Please feel free to agree or disagree and leave comments.


6 responses to “Project Info

  1. I don’t understand how you can write off the bus like that, certainly in terms of social interaction. Sure, many people don’t talk to you – just as when you’re walking – but I’ve made some good friends that I see regularly on the 63.

  2. threegreendots

    Thank you for your comment.

    The project is not biased against bus transport, the idea is to provoke thought regarding public transport in general and it was just selected as a medium to convey a message. In its simplest form add a little humour to your travels.

    I will have to hop on the 63 and say hello.

  3. Nice idea, but the ‘fatty’ comment seems a bit too mean and snide for my taste. Why would anyone want to take your thoughts onboard if you make fun of them?

  4. I love the stickers – brought a smile to my face… and I couldn’t agree more! I recently stopped taking the bus, in favour of walking the 4 miles to work. The resulting journey is a diverse, beautiful and interesting adventure from East to West London. Instead of arriving at work hot and bothered, I now get there 10 minutes later but refreshed and ready to start the day.

    So often I see people take the bus just 2 or 3 stops. If not your health, do it for the £2 you’d save!

  5. What a great idea! I always chose to walk in preference to public transport when I lived in London. Such a great city – you never know what you’ll see when you’re out amongst it. Another bonus is, you know you will always arrive, as scheduled!

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