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5 responses to “INSTALLATION

  1. I saw 3 of your stickers on a bus-stop on Tottenham Court Road today (and took photos of them!). I found them amusing, especially ‘walk fatty, you might pass a cake shop’, but I wasn’t sure of their intended message. I initially thought they were parodying the Change For Life campaign which encourages people to get off the bus a stop early, for example. I wonder if some of your stickers could be taken as being anti-bus?

  2. Thank you for your comment, glad it made you smile. The idea is to provoke thought regarding public transport and is not biased against bus transport specifically, it was just selected as a medium to convey a message.

  3. Hiya,

    I saw the cake shop sticker on a bus stop near shoreditch highstreet, it made me laugh a lot. But it took me a while (in my admittedly hungover state) to realise that it was not an official TFL sticker, this made me AND my boyfriend laugh. It did make me think about whether I should be walking but I decided that in my delicate state I deserved a bus ride. Anyway I thought it was well thought through and executed, and fun, which is always a bonus! Smug self riteous ‘street’ art never works for me.


  4. Nice work 🙂 Do you plan to stick these up regularly? And further afield than Oxford Street?

  5. I am in love with bus stops. The only thing I’m missing information-wise is how far it takes to walk to the next one, so i thought they might use the extra cells at the bottom of the number signs to let us know!

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